Who are we?

Just who are Gimbal Media and how can we help you?

Experts in UAV Solutions

All members of the Gimbal Media Team are experts in our field, meaning that we can assist and advise you throughout your UAV project, to ensure that what you require is supplied exactly how you want it.

Holders of a PfCO

Gimbal Media Ltd is in possession of a valid PfCO as granted by the CAA. All our our UAV Pilots have been trained within the CAA guidelines and have completed all the relevant training to operate a UAV commercially.

Fully Compliant with the Law

All of the operations we undertake are fully compliant in the eyes of the law and latest UAV regulations. We will never complete a flight without ensuring that all aspects of the project are legal.

Holders of Specialist Insurance

As required by law, we are holders of specialist Drone Operations Insurance supplied by Moonrock Insurance. This gives extra piece of mind to you and the general public.

Our Services

Take a look at some of the services we currently offer to all our customers. Click on any of the images to find out more.

  • Gimbal Media Ltd are very serious about safety and abiding by the law when it comes to flying a UAV. Since the ‘drone craze’ began, there […]
  • Gimbal Media Ltd is always keen to work with fellow UAV operators of larger projects. Sometimes, having a small squadron of drones just isn’t enough for […]
  • Gone are the days of archaeological digs relying only of their team of experts and volunteers. While a strong team is vital to completing any archaeological […]
  • Capturing an event is always special and important to the organiser. Any event, no matter how large or small it is, requires a lot of planning […]
  • Marketing is important for any business and at Gimbal Media, we can provide you with some amazing imagery for your marketing project. Every business is different […]
  • In terms of Land, Gimbal Media can offer a variety of aerial solutions to you based on your requirements. You may be the owner of a […]
  • Gimbal Media Ltd offers a wide range of property services to many different business types and to the general public. There are of course many reasons […]

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